Last Day

A pre-stript on keeping up with us: obviously that’s what this blog is for. But we’ve also put VPN software on all our devices, so you should be able to follow us on traditional social media. WeChat is the guaranteed way to reach us. Michael will be posting lots of cool/interesting/funny things to Instagram, so if you don’t have it, get it, and follow @klaserhausen.  

The movers came Friday. The storage we thought Diana’s company would be paying for didn’t exist, and thus Thursday night we had to rearrange our belongings physically and mentally. Much was thrown away. More was given away. We ended up shipping more to China than we originally envisioned.

The good news is my sunglasses are being shipped by sea to Nanjing, so I should get them as I’m being evaluated for eye cancer by a doctor who thinks jasmine tea with ground donkey hide is a viable treatment option.

We sold both our cars. We rented a Nissan NV 200 Creeper van because it was cheaper than an SUV. It came with free candy, which we just can’t seem to give away to the local children…

I couldn’t find a buyer in time for the motorcycle, so Steve Kamrad took it. He promptly insulted it on Instagram. We said goodbye to as many peeps as we could, for those we missed, forgive us. This weekend was filled with logistics, dinners, drinks, giveaways, and hugs…. all the hugs.

I found myself especially sentimental today. New Jersey has it’s faults, but it was the first home we shared as a married couple. I’ve lived in this now empty apartment longer than any other place since I left home for the Navy in 2002. We leave behind our dog Roxy. We’ve made so many friendships here which we desperately hope will last while we’re gone. We know Roxy is in a loving home, we know our friends will be just fine without us, and we know everyone we miss will miss us.

It doesn’t make it any easier. Thanks to all of you that make it hard to leave: our lives would never be the same without you and we’re better people because of you.



3 thoughts

  1. Safe travels brother! Enjoy some authentic Dim Sum for me and know we wish you guys lots of love and good times during your time in China. Take care!


  2. Roxy will follow your adventures on this blog. She is already learning to use the doggie door at Dr. Barb’s Finishing School for Dogs. And now she walks on a split leash with Bruno (much easier than two leashes). I hope your sunglasses arrive in one piece! Bon Voyage.

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